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Events on 2017  

Seminar with Gen. Maj. Ismail Gaber -
 Head of the Egyptian Imports & Exports Control Authority.
 Feb. 7th,2017
On Tuesday 7th February 2017, EBBA held a seminar with Gen. Maj. Ismail Gaber - Head of the Egyptian Imports & Exports Control Authority.

The event took place at Automobile & Touring Club of Egypt in Cairo, at 10:00 AM, with the presence of EBBA Board members & a lots of EBBA members.

The seminar was honored by the presence of H.E. the Ambassador of Belgium in Egypt, Mrs. Sibille de Cartier.
Mr. Rafik Attia welcomed & thanked the attendees for their attendance, and invited Gen. Maj. Ismail Gaber to start his speech. He explained most of the laws and procedures concerned with exports and imports. During the speech, he answered the questions of some of the attendees and promised to solve their problems with the Exports and Imports Control Authority. He confirmed that his door is left open at any time to receive any of EBBA members with a complaint or an inquiry.

The attendees were satisfied & enjoyed the interesting as well as educative meeting.

The fruitful meeting ended at twelve o'clock and the attendees thanked Mr. Ismail Gaber for his efforts and knowledge.

The meeting was followed by a breakfast event where other fruitful discussions continued between EBBA members and the honored guest.

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Seminar with Resident Representative of African Development Bank
  Feb. 27th, 2017
On Monday, the 27th of February 2017, at 9:30 am, H.E. Ambassador of Belgium Mrs. Sibille De Cartier hosted at her residence a seminar & business breakfast with Mrs. Leila Farah el Mokaddem, Resident Representative of African Development Bank in Egypt.

The aim of the seminar was to recognize EBBA members and explain & discuss the bank's contributions to enhance the economic cooperation development between Egypt and African countries & the facilities offered by the bank in this regard.

H.E. the Ambassador, as well as Mr. Rafik Attia - Chairman of EBBA - welcomed Mrs. Leila el Mokaddem and the attendees and thanked them for their attendance, then Mr. Attia gave the word to Mrs. Leila, who explained the tasks carried out by the African Development Bank and its contributions to fund all large and small development projects in the public and private sectors, and also its contribution to fight poverty and improve the quality of life in African countries.

Around 40 members attended the seminar. Mrs. Leila speech was promising. She answered all attendees' questions, andexpressed her willingness to meet any of them to discuss his project.

The seminar ended at around 12:00 noon with a promise to repeat such meetings as per the members request.

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Seminar with H.E. Dr. Ahmed Darwish -
  Chairman of The General Authority for Economics Zone of the Suez Canal
  Apr. 2nd, 2017

On Sunday, the 2nd of April 2017, at 6:00 PM, the Egyptian-Belgian Business Association organized a seminar with H.E. Dr. Ahmed Darwish, Chairman of the Suez Canal Economic Zone. The event took place at Conrad Hotel Cairo.

The seminar was attended by EBBA board and a number of members and some guests. The seminar was honored by the presence of H.E. Belgian Ambassador to Egypt Mrs. Sibille de Cartier.

At the beginning, Mr. Rafik Attia - Chairman of EBBA - welcomed H.E. Dr. Darwish, H.E. the Ambassador and the attendees.

He gave the speech to Dr. Darwish. The later conducted a great lecture and shared valuable information with the attendees about the economic zone of the Suez Canal and the opportunities of investment in it as well as the services that can be provided to the investors whether for large or small projects.

For more than two hours, His Excellency positively responded with knowledge, depth, and abundance, all the question and requests of the attendees about issues related to this zone, the thing that had great impact on all of them.

Finally, Mr. Attia thanked His Excellency for his efforts and useful information and wished H.E. Success.

Afterwards, all the attendees went to dinner. The meeting ended at about 9:00 pm. It was no less than a fruitful and enjoyable event.

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Article in Al Gomhouria Newspaper by Mr. Adel Al Masry
  (Published on 31st of May, 2017)

On the 31st of May, 2017, an article was published in Al Gomhouria newspaper for Mr. Adel Al Masri - Member of the Assembly EBBA and President of the General Assembly of the Chamber of Tourism.
Subject of the article was to comment on the publication of the new law that is concerned with the licence of public shops.

Iftar Ramadan (Ramadan Breakfast)
  June 11th, 2017

On Sunday, June 11th, 2017 (16th of Ramadan, 1438 Hijri), and as per costumed on this special event, the Egyptian Belgian Business Association (EBBA) organized the annual Iftar Ramadan for the members this year. The event took place this year at Hilton Ramses Hotel, Cairo.

Around fifty members from EBBA and their families attended the Iftar. The event was honored by the presence of H.E. Sibille De Cartier, Ambassador of Belgium to Egypt, as well as some distinguished guests from the Embassy of Belgium in Cairo and from Taxes Authority.

All the guests enjoined their Iftar, listening to the famous Ramadan songs in a nice family atmosphere.

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