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Events on 2016  

 President of EBBA in a Dialogue with the Bursa Newspaper:
    (Article published on 4th of Jan., 2016)
400 Million Euros Belgian Investments in Egypt, and Expectations of 15% Growth
(Attia): A Delegation of 30 Businessmen Visits Cairo next June 
to Discuss Opportunities.

 Encouraging the Private Sector Investments is the only Way to 
 Achieve the Economic Growth 
Rafik Attia, head of the Egyptian Belgian Business Association, expects that the Belgian investments in the Egyptian market will increase by more than 15% during the next two years, in case of stability of political and security situation.
He estimated, in an interview for the Bursa Newspaper, the Belgian investments in Egypt by about 400 million Euros, and said it is relatively low compared to the number of residents of Belgium who do not exceed 10 million inhabitants.
He pointed out that the Egyptian investments in Belgium is up to 50 million Euros, and is concentrated mainly in the real estate sector, and added that the Egyptian investments in small overseas markets, compared to foreign investments in Egypt, but the current situation requires concerted businessmen to invest in Egypt in order to promote the economy.
Attia said that the government encouraging to the private sector investment is the main support of economic growth, and the best way to get out of the crisis surrounding the market.
Chairman of EBBA praised not to withdraw any Belgian investment from the Egyptian market in recent years despite the political confusion that followed the revolution of January, and impacted negatively on the economy and rates of
development, pointing out that most of the Belgian investments in Egypt are concentrated in the petrochemical industry.
According to data from the Belgian Embassy the exchanged trade between Cairo and Brussels declined by 10.4% last year & recorded 1.4 billion Euros versus 1.5 billion Euros in 2013 by 1.2 billion Euros Belgian imports, and 236 million Euros Egyptian exports.
Belgian imports to Egypt are concentrated in the chemicals and their derivatives, pharmaceutical, besides the industrial machinery and equipment that serve the industry movement and food products, while exports are concentrated in plastic manufactures, vegetables, and textile.
Mr. Attia staked increasing the trade exchange between Egypt and Belgium to the stabilization of foreign currency exchange rate against the dollar and improved economic conditions in the Egyptian market. President of EBBA said that the Belgian delegation of more than 30 businessmen will visit Cairo next June to discuss investment opportunities in the Egyptian market especially the axis of the Suez Canal development.
Attia said that the visit of the Belgian delegation aim to coordinate with the Egyptian government pumping more investments in the Egyptian market especially major development projects. A delegation from EBBA will travel to Brussels next May to prepare the final touches of the Belgian delegation visit, as well as working to encourage tourism to Egypt.
Attia, who praised the role played by the Egyptian Representation Commercial Office in Belgium for the development of mutual relations between the two countries at all levels of commercial, development, cultural, and said that the office facilitates interviews of EBBA members, which activate the relations between officials in Egypt and Belgium.
He pointed to the several constraints that Belgian investors face in Egypt, notably profit conversion to abroad, and said that the Assembly is always working to improve the image of Egypt in front of Belgian investors to maintain the continuation of their investments.
He added that Belgian investors believe that the Egyptian market is promising and will witness a remarkable development within coming period, provided to exploit the population density better, noting that the current government is seeking to improve the economic situation by issuing a stimulating legislation to encourage foreign and Domestic investments, and comply with international obligations, is what makes Egypt an attractive market for foreign investments.
He noted to the inclusion of all Belgians to the economic, social and political situation in Egypt and that the Assembly is seeking to clarify that what witnessed in Egypt of political events during the past two years was the result of a popular revolution, and said that businessmen have the right to fear on their capital and research in the first place for security and stability to ensure their investments.
He stressed on the need to transfer the Belgian economic experience that relies on the private sector to the Egyptian market to achieve the desired development. Attia expected that Egypt is witnessing economic breakthrough the coming period under the organs of sovereignty sought to stabilize the security situation, and the economic file as top priority.
The Egyptian Belgian Business Association founded in 2004 and includes more than 80 businessmen in all sectors and aims to encourage dealings, trade, investment, export and tourism between Egypt and Belgium, and encourage cultural exchanges.
Edited by: Ahmed Dawood

Seminar with Mr. Christophe Lucet, Regional Representative of European Investment Bank
   May 14th,2016
On Monday 14th of May 2016, EBBA held a seminar with Mr. Christophe Lucet, Representative of European Investment Bank,as main speaker. The seminar discussed the Investment European Bank outlook and its contribution for encouraging the Egyptian Economy.
The event was hosted by H.E. Mr. Gilles Heyvaert - Ambassador of Belgium to Egypt, at his residence.
Around 30 members attended the seminar that was followed by breakfast. Mr. Lucet presentation was very promising.

At the end of the seminar, he answered all attendants’ questions.

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Seminar with Maj. Alaa Abdel Karim, Head of Controlling Export and Import Organization
  Apr. 14th, 2016
On Thursday, 14th of April 2016, at 10 o'clock, EBBA held a seminar for Maj. Eng. Alaa Abdel Karim - Head of Controlling Export and Import Organization - as main speaker. The seminar was to discuss the problems that EBBA members faces with the organization and suggested solutions to them.
The event was hosted by H.E. Mr. Gilles Heyvaert - Ambassador of Belgium to Egypt, at his residence.

Many of EBBA members attended the seminar, which was followed by breakfast.
The speaker's presentation was informative and of great value.

At the end of the seminar, he answered all attendents' questions.

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EBBA 7th Annual visit to Belgium 2016
   May 8th - 14th, 2016

On a one-week trip that took place from Sunday 8th till Saturday 14th of May 2016, around 30 EBBA members visited Belgium this year.
During this important trip, several high-level meetings with Belgian responsibles & chambers took place.

H.E. Mr. Ehab Fawzy - the Egyptian Ambassador in Belgium, Mr. Hazem Hassanein - Minister Plenipotentiary from theCommercial Office, and his assistants Mr. Sherif Eissa and Mr. Ahmed Nasr were the planner and motives of the visit.

Curtsey was offered by H.E. the Ambassador, offering a large reception, and inviting several Belgian responsibles to his Residence.
Besides, official dinner offered to the delegation by Mr. Hazem Hassanein, as well as a lunch hosted by Mr. Qaisar Hijazin, Secretary General of ABLCC.
The atmosphere and the good will both added an excellent impresssion. The thing that casted a positive reflection on the several business meetings that took place between the delegation & their Belgian counter parties.
H.E. Ambassador Ehab Fawzy and Minister Plenipotentiary Mr. Hazem Hassanein supported several meetings that were held and dedicated a great part of their time in representing their country Egypt.

The delegation intensively went on with their visit program, as follows:
·     Meeting with the Arabic Belgian African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CBIACP).
·     Meeting with Governor of the province of Brabant – Walloon.
·     Visit to Nivelles City & Automation Systems.
·     Match-making meetings at BECI Premises.
·     Visit to the port of Ghent Visitor Center.

The visit left a strong belief of being a very successful one.

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Iftar Ramadan (Ramadan Breakfast)
  June 29th, 2016

On Wednesday, June 29th 2016 (24th of Ramadan 1437 Hijri), the Egyptian Belgian Businessmen Association (EBBA) organized the annual Iftar Ramadan for the members at Cairo Rowing Club on the Nile.

The attendants were around 85 members of EBBA, as well as some guests from the Embassy of Belgium in Cairo, Taxes Authority, Customs Authority, and Investment Authority.
They enjoined their Iftar listening to the famous Ramadan songs in a nice family atmosphere.

Farewell Ceremonies to H.E. Ambassador of Belgium
   July 26th, 2016

On the occasion of the end of mission for H.E. the Ambassador of Belgium in Egypt, Mr. Rafik Attia - Chairman of EBBA - established a gala dinner to bid farewell to H.E. the Ambassador.
The event took place at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, 26th of July 2016, at the garden of Mr. Attia’s house in Moqattam, where he invited a group of EBBA members and some important personalities who are linked to Belgium.
Mr. Rafik Attia delivered a speech during the ceremony, where he thanked H.E. the Ambassador for his support to the Assembly during the period of his stay in Egypt, and gave him a value gift.

Afterwards, H.E. the Ambassador delivered a speech recording his appreciation to Egypt and its people, especially Mr. Rafik Attia and all members of EBBA for their cooperation, love, and dedication, and thanked the attendants.

The Gentlemen enjoyed the beautiful evening & luxurious dinner and took memorial photos for this occasion.
The ceremony ended at 1:00 am.
The words that Mr. Attia delivered at the occasion were as follows:
Dear Ladies, Excellences and Gentlemen:
With great sorrow, we are celebrating tonight the farewell of H.E. Mr. Gille Heyvaert - Ambassador of Belgium to Egypt - and a good friend, after around 4 years of intensive efforts to support the economic, cultural, social, and political relations between Belgium and Egypt.
In a short period after his arrival and in spite of the difficult and turbulent times that Egypt was passing through during the past few years, he got deeply integrated in the Egyptian societies, through good will and support of his Egyptian friends.
The Egyptian Belgian Businessmen Association (EBBA) with more than 100 members has recognized and appreciated his positive impact and great support. The result was increasing and keeping an excellent business and cultural relation between both countries.
Finally, what meant the most for me, was the close friendship we had with him personally and his family as well.
H.E. succeeded to have so many friends in Egypt, some of them are gathered here today to bid him farewell.
We only can wish him all the best in his new post and personal life assuring that our friendship will last

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Decoration of Mr. Hani Abdallah Naguib Salam
   January, 2016

Upon the proposal of Minister of Foreign Affairs, it was pleasing to His Majesty King Philip - King of Belgium, in recognition of the services rendered, to confer by royal decree of January 10th, 2016, the decoration of Knight of the Order of Leopaold II, to Sir Hany Abdallah Naguib Salam.

Sir Hany possesses the Belgian and the Egyptian nationalities. He is the CEO of Salamtex company.

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Decoration of Mr. Mohammad Aziz
   January, 2016

Upon the proposal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, it was pleasing to His Majesty King Philip - King of Belgium, in recognition of the services rendered, to confer by royal decree of March 25th, 2016, the decoration of Officer of the Order of the Crown, to Mr. Mohammad Aziz Mohammad Mostafa.

Mr. Mohammad Aziz is the director of Top-Aviation, and the representative of TUI Group in Egypt.

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Formal Reception by H.E. Ambassador of Belgium to EBBA members
   June 2nd, 2016

Mr. Heyvaert Gilles - H.E. Ambassador of Belgium, invited EBBA members at a formal reception on Thursday June 2nd, 2016, 7:30 pm at his residence on the occasion of the visit of the Belgian Economic mission.
During the reception, H.E. award a Belgian Distinction to Mr. Hany Salam, EBBA Board member, and Mr. Mohamed Aziz, EBBA member, for their services they offered to Belgium through their business.

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Seminar with H.E. Mr. Amr El Moneir – Vice Minister of Finance Ministry
 & Mr. Abdel Moneim Matar - First Undersecretary of the Ministry and Head of Tax Authority
 December 4th, 2016

On the 4th of December 2016, the subject seminar took place, with the presence of many EBBA members.

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